Online Blackjack for Real Money

Nowadays, a large audience opt for playing online blackjack to gain real money. The game captivates many gamblers with its exciting gameplay and clear rules. It is a classic and one of the most widespread casino games, where gamblers’ opponent is the dealer. It came from France in the 1700s. Back then, it wasn’t so popular, yet over time, blackjack managed to gain the commitment of millions of players.

How Do I Play Blackjack for Real Money?

If you pick blackjack for wagering real money, you should start learning its rules and strategies. Without good preparation, you will have a very slim chance to get jackpots. Before determining methods of how to maximize winning chances, you need to get familiar with a basic strategy.

If you think you are ready to sit at a gambling table, it’s time to choose the place where to play. The easiest way is to join an online service that offers video and live versions of the game. The letter option is basically a real game, except for the fact that participants are playing remotely. There are real dealers streamed from a land-based studio. Of course, you can also choose any real house because blackjack is presented everywhere. However, gaming websites are always at hand; besides, sometimes they have promotions. If you are not sure what platform to choose, use the rating of top gambling services you can find on our website. We check every service carefully, so you can be sure every recommended site is safe.

After you’ve chosen a website, create a profile. Legitimate services prohibit access for underage people; thus, you may be required to provide your ID. As a rule, online casinos request an email address, name, and phone number for account creation. Once you’ve provided this data and get your profile, you can make your first deposit and open the game. However, it’s better to learn about bonuses the operator offers first. Usually, virtual casinos provide many perks for slots. However, some promotional programs are extended to table games, or they allow users to choose between a standard package and a bonus for table games. After applying for the offered promotion, you are ready to start playing.

What Should I Check On a Blackjack Site?

How to choose a good website to play blackjack? There are a lot of platforms and software providers over the Internet. Yet, it wouldn’t be right to pick up one randomly without checking its quality and security. You can select something among legitimate virtual casinos. They offer users to play blackjack online for free and wager on roulette or spin the reels as well. There, blackjack is presented in a wide range of versions. There are several criteria that allow you to estimate the quality of a casino in full:

  • Legal activity. Before providing a site with your personal data and making deposits, you should check if it operates legally. As a rule, quality casinos are regulated by special authorities, which use licenses to certify the right to provide gaming services. Such a license means that the site is fair, applies generators of random numbers, protects sensitive data, and pays out all winnings in full and within specified time frames.
  • Banking options. Make sure the operator provides secure and comfortable payment methods. As a rule, users can make deposits and withdraw jackpots using their bank cards. However, such transactions may take a few days for the payout to arrive. Fast withdrawals can be made with e-wallets. Thus, it is necessary to check whether there is a safe financial service in your country.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Nowadays, every good online casino has promotion programs to attract new players, encourage them to play more, and please its loyal users. It is a chance for you to get a nice perk, which will allow earning more money or exploring new games. Choose the site that has a generous bonus for blackjack or another type of games you are also interested in.
  • Mobile version and interface convenience. Online casinos usually provide both desktop and mobile versions so that customers could play their favorite games anytime. There can be an app for the Android OS, iPhone and iPad devices, but it requires installation. However, most gambling websites are adaptable to potables, so you can play directly in a browser. Find out which way works better for you and test a mobile casino before making up your mind.
  • Variety of blackjack games. Given that blackjack has so many variations, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only one or a few of them. There are gambling websites with vast blackjack choices and a low house edge, e.g., Ruby Fortune or Casino Joy. You can start with a video game and after gaining some experience, try to play a live version with real dealers and opponents.
  • Customer support. Probably, you will have to contact specialists from client services a few times when using a gaming website. Customer support agents provide explanations and help to deal with various problems. Most quality casinos have round-the-clock client service with several convenient communication methods.

We estimate casinos to create comprehensive reviews and lists of the best gaming services. This information can help you quickly compare different websites and choose the right one for you without the need to register.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

When aiming at becoming a successful player, the first thing after learning the rules is to get familiar with the basic strategy. Ultimately, it saves a significant amount of money and works to increase your odds of winning.

Basic strategy is a plan, which helps in making strategically correct decisions considering the dealer’s upcard and cards in your hand. It is developed on a mathematical analysis basis. Below, you can find several basic tips to use when playing.

Surrender. Though the surrender option is not commonly used, you should consider it if your winning chance is less than one to four. If you apply it, you will lose 50% of your bet, which statistically is a better perspective than to continue playing.

Surrender if you have:

  • a hard total of 5-7 with 3s and 12-17 with 6s, 7s, 8s against the dealer’s ace;
  • a hard total of 14-16 with 7s or 8s against the dealer’s 10;
  • a hard total of 10-6 and 9-7 without 8s against the dealer’s 9.

Pair splitting. This opportunity is provided to increase players’ chances to win. When you have two cards of the same value, you can divide them and get two different combinations by placing one more bet that is equal to the initial one. There are a lot of tips for splitting hands depending on the dealer’s combinations, yet the most important one is the following:

If the dealer stands on soft 17, you should never split a pair of 5-5 and 10-10 but always split 8-8 and ace-ace.

Doubling down. In this case, you can draw one card and double your bet in return. The doubling down rules vary in different casinos. However, most of them offer to double down on any combination with two cards, which is the most advantageous for players. Before using this chance, consider points in your hand and the dealer’s upcard. Usually, the combinations that require doubling down are hard 8, 9, 10, 11, and soft 13-18 with aces.

Popular Kinds of Blackjack

Blackjack has many types. That’s why gamblers can always try something new or improve their skills in some specific version. However, there are a few of the most popular types, which can be often found in good casinos:

  • American blackjack;
  • European blackjack;
  • Blackjack switch;
  • Las Vegas Strip;
  • Spanish 21.

American blackjack is also known as classic. It is the most widespread version and very similar to European blackjack. The core difference between them is that in the first type, the dealer gets their hole (face down) card before players see their cards and make decisions about their further move. In the European version, dealers initially dealt with one card only. They can have a hole card after players’ decision is made.

Blackjack switch provides gamers with pretty favorable rules. Players have two hands separately, and they can switch the second dealt cards between them. The most prominent feature of Las Vegas Strip is that the game requires 4 decks, and the dealer is to stand on soft 17, thus having no chance to improve the hand. Spanish 21 is played with 6-8 decks, from which all 10 cards are removed; players’ 21 points always beat the dealer’s 21 points. This version gained huge popularity in online casinos.

Along with the mentioned features, these games have more rules necessary to know. That’s why gaming platforms often allow gamblers to practice in free trial versions. Also, the game may be additionally improved with other features, like a progressive jackpot. It requires a side bet, yet such a winning usually largely exceeds the ordinary one.


🎲 Where to play online blackjack for real money?

Multiple platforms feature online blackjack and afford a chance to win real money. Experts’ reviews and ratings can help you find which one fits your preferences better than others. Keep in mind that some websites are not legal in every country; their availability is determined by local legislation and licenses. Canada has gambling-friendly laws, which allow for the operation of many international offshore companies.

🎲 How to make real money playing blackjack online?

You need to choose a quality website, register there, and start playing. Learning strategies and gaining experience can help you boost your chances of winning. Gambling for real money involves making deposits and betting; however, you can use offered perks to play online blackjack without deposits or reduce your spendings.

🎲 What is the difference between blackjack in online and live casinos?

Live casinos are focused on traditional blackjack, while online services offer a vast choice, including both classic and rare versions. While off-line houses are praised for providing social interaction and a special atmosphere, live blackjack allows web platforms to compete with them. Also, virtual blackjack is available 24/7 regardless of your physical location. Canadian players can use any legal website to start playing even if they have no experience.