Online Casino Games for Real Money

Online casino games deliver the fascinating opportunity to win real money. However, players usually come not for a profit, but entertainment, a special atmosphere, and new experience. A large variety of options allows them to find exactly what they want — elegant baccarat, nifty poker, or fun slots. The ability to reach a favorite game in a matter of seconds via a laptop or smartphone has made casinos extremely popular nowadays, and their appeal keeps growing.

What Are the Best Online Games for Real Money?

It’s hard to say what game for real money is number one because each has special features and a unique playing process. However, a lot of player’s attention to certain activities allows us to conclude that they are the top choice:

  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • slots.

The secret of card games’ popularity is social interaction, which is supported by providers with various tournaments. Slots attract gamers with their diversity and great gameplay.


Blackjack is a well-known activity in the gaming industry. Whatever house you visit, it definitely has a blackjack table. Besides, gaming sites have hundreds of options for either live or virtual games.

Although blackjack’s rules are simple, they vary largely in different casinos or software versions. The necessity to learn new rules when you join other players complicates the gaming process a little. Nevertheless, all blackjack players have one goal — to beat the dealer. To this end, it is necessary to gather more points than the dealer has, yet less than 21. Each card has a certain number of points or amounts to zero. A face card is equal to 10, and an ace can give either 1 or 11 points, depending on what works better for the player. From the very beginning, each participant has 2 cards. While playing, they can «hit» — ask for another card, or «stand» — hold the cards they already have. The game has several other moves as well, which makes the process unpredictable and exciting. Getting more than 21 means losing regardless of the dealer’s combination. Blackjack hand is equal to 21 points — a face card and an ace. It multiplies your bet by 1,5.

Blackjack includes direct participation. You don’t just observe the process hoping you’ll be lucky — you can influence the outcome. One more advantage is that you don’t have to deal with several opponents but can concentrate only on your and the dealer’s cards. Blackjack is dynamic. It never bores the participants, and this is one of the core reasons for its popularity.


Roulette is always in the spotlight in any casino. It gathers crowds of gamblers and spectators curious to see who will hit the jackpot. Online casinos make this legendary game available right after you register on a gambling site. Roulette is so favored because it requires no special skills; you don’t have to learn complicated strategies and rules. All the participants play against the house. They are not direct opponents to each other, which reduces tension and aggression, but not excitement.

Roulette’s inventory is a wheel, a table with numbers, a small ball, and chips. The wheel has 37 or 38 slots; 36 of them are red and black. European roulette has only one green zero slot, and the American style has two of them. The numbers and other betting options are drawn on the table, where participants are supposed to put their chips. The rules are simple — players are to decide what number or group of numbers they choose to make bets on and to figure out a bet size. Then, they place the chips on the corresponding spot on the table. After the bets are made, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball. The slot where the ball stops determines who is the winner.


A casino is usually associated with blind luck, yet poker is the game that can compromise this association. Though there is still some place for luck in poker, an outcome depends largely on skills and emotional stability. The rules of the game are not complicated, but its strategy has no limit in sharpening. Poker is a perfect option for competitive gamblers and people who enjoy social interaction. The importance of emotional control and stress-resilience has become the reason for an extensive demonstration of poker in mass culture.

Poker requires at least two particapants, a deck of cards, and chips. The rules slightly vary in different versions. Most often, gamblers get five cards. After estimating their hands, the players are to wager. The one who is placing a bigger bet is the winner taking all the chips. If their opponents are willing to match the bid, they are to open their cards. A player with the best combination wins.

The best hand is 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of one suit. It is called Royal Flush. Depending on the suit, pairs of the same cards, or numeric value, the cards create more or less successful combinations. The worst is High Card where all cards are not matching.


Slots make the broadest category in virtual gambling and attract the most attention in any online casino lobby. They are not complicated to understand and play; besides, they are most likely to bring a nice real-money win. There is no need to beat any opponents because all you have to do is to get a chain of identical symbols in a payline.

In addition, online casinos often provide promotions for certain slots. Free spins can be a part of a welcome bonus package as well as a VIP reward for loyal members. The quality depends on software technology; thus, reputable casinos cooperate with reliable providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and others.

Usually, slots are random, and there is no strategy that would be so widely used as with card games. Thus, luck is a prime factor in hitting a jackpot. However, slots vary in paylines, bonuses, symbol meanings, and winnings. As a rule, big bets allow you to win more money because the winning may depend on how large your coin is. Nevertheless, some slot machines accept quite low bets or allow gamers to play for free if they participate in a no deposit bonus program. If you want to have a chance to win a lot, choose titles with a progressive jackpot. Nowadays, the most popular activities are Mega Moolah, Book of Dead, and Starburst.

Mobile Casino Games for Real Money

Virtual platforms have established conditions for playing with real money on mobile devices. The possibility to gamble from a smartphone or tablet is one of the biggest advantages of gaming sites, and players benefit from that when being not at home. Operators offer quality applications or websites that perfectly function with operating systems of portable devices. In some cases, a mobile version may appear to be even more convenient than a desktop one.

There is no need to create different profiles if accessing from more than one device. A single account allows users to avail of one deposit and save all settings. As a rule, mobile versions have no difference in payment requirements and financial transactions tools. The only common disadvantage is that they may have fewer game options than their desktop versions. Less popular games like craps or lottery can be not presented in players’ mobile game catalog. Yet, if you don’t play them, you most likely won’t even notice the difference. Access from a smartphone or a tablet is protected as reliably as from a laptop, so there’s no reason to worry.


🎲 Is it safe to play casino games for real money?

⮚ Yes, it is safe to play casino games for real money as long as you choose legit and credible gambling services. Before registration, it is important to check a license and the authority that regulates the activity of an online casino. A licensed operator provides reliable security tools and a guarantee of fair payouts. In Canada, many international casinos operate offshore, which is legal. Thus, Canadian gamers are welcomed to join legitimate gaming websites.

🎲 What online casino games have the best payouts?

⮚ Slots usually provide high payouts, yet the RTP percentage varies in different games. Blackjack is a game with the best payouts among card games. It also has a low house edge. When it comes to roulette, the European version is more beneficial to users than the American one. The reason is that the American wheel has two zero cells, which decreases the chance of winning. Video poker online casino games have different payouts; thus, you should choose the one with a high percentage, for example, Jacks or Better.

🎲 Can I play casino games for real money for free?

⮚ As a rule, games for real money require betting and thus, deposits. Yet, you can find online casinos that offer to play with no deposit bonus. Such an option doesn’t involve risk for your finances. However, it is a promotional program, and it isn’t designed for users to play for free on a permanent basis. If you’d like to try a new game without spending your money, you can choose a version with a free trial.